A Ball For The People

Max distance. Max spin. Minimum cost.

Quality Golf Balls Starting at $9.95 from your first dozen.

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Between equipment, green fees and on-course beverages, golfing can get expensive. On top of that you are expected to pay ridiculous prices for a decent golf ball. Not anymore! At Cut Golf we offer a line of premium golf balls that fit any game and any budget. Best part is, we deliver them to your door. Whether you play every day or a couple times a month, Cut Golf has a ball for you. Let's bring golf back to the people!



Expensive does not mean better. Expensive means more overhead which you the consumer are paying for.  We are THE direct to consumer golf ball company. This allows us to produce high quality golf balls and sell them to you for a fraction of the price. Stop overpaying for name brand golf balls. Take a look at our line of quality golf balls. You will thank us later.  

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It's time to Cut the crap.

We are here to prove that you can pay less for quality golf balls. We cut the costs and pass those savings directly to you, our wise members. It's time to cut through the crap of expensive golf balls and marketing tactics. 

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