At Cut Golf, we love golf. We want to see it grow. We want to see it enjoyed by the masses. Here are some of the reasons why Cut Golf isn't your ordinary golf ball brand.



We use high quality materials and manufacturing techniques. Our golf balls perform consistently and have been rigorously tested to ensure quality, consistency and playability. We have extensive Trackman and robotic testing data, user feedback and third party testing to support our products performance.

  Trackman session from a single digit handicapper, showing real world performance data. The Other Guys' golf balls are also 4pc urethane tour performance golf balls.

Trackman session from a single digit handicapper, showing real world performance data. The Other Guys' golf balls are also 4pc urethane tour performance golf balls.

Trackman session data

We're not robots. Whether it's mental or physical fatigue, our swings will change from the 1st hole to the 18th hole. This is why we think it's important to show what other golfers are getting out of our golf balls. 



We keep our overhead down and deal directly with consumers.  We maximize efficiency at every possible junction to keep our manufacturing and logistic costs low.  This, paired with our upcoming exclusive e-commerce-based subscription model, allows us to cut costs while maintaining quality.  You may even end up seeing our balls in a Pro Shop near you, but fear not, that same low price will follow us everywhere we go. 

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We see big brands marketing their performance golf balls to players who don't have the ability to benefit from a performance ball the same way the pros do. The honest truth is, we all golf differently. We won't tell you what kind of ball to play nor will we make promises that you are going to become Rory, Dustin, or Jason over night. We do promise, however, to save you money, allowing you to play more and perfect that swing (or at least have fun while trying).


Our brand is all about having fun on the golf course. Saving money is one very direct way of accomplishing this. No more begging for a ball on the tee box. No more using crappy balls on a lake hole. And please throw away that stupid ball retriever. Golf doesn't have to be boring, stuffy or expensive. With the money you save, buy another beer and tip well.

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We are not set in our ways. If you have feedback, share it with us! We want to evolve and grow based on feedback from our members. The one thing that will remain constant is our promise to deliver quality golf balls at an affordable price.


What people are saying

  • Revolution Golf (an NBC Golf Company) - "Like most of you, I have been using a premium golf ball that costs upwards of $50 for a box of 12.... from the usual suspects. Are the Cut Blue balls as good as those big-name golf balls? The answer is a resounding YES ... and in many ways, I like them more. With the Cut Blue, you receive a premium golf ball WITHOUT the premium price."
  • MyGolfSpy - “At $19.95 this one might be the best bang for the buck so far.”
  • Golf Unfiltered – “What Cut Golf is doing so well is offering that lower priced option without compromising quality”
  • iGolfReviews - "Cut claims they make; 'The Best Damn Golf Ball Under $20'. I have little to argue with that claim. If you want a tour quality ball at 1/2 the price associated with them, Cut Golf balls should be your first choice."
  • The Hackers Paradise Forum Member – “Ball is the real deal. Just solid performance all around.”
  • Colorado Golf Blog – “"Damn near brand new to the game, Cut Golf’s goal is as much about the product as it is about the service — that being at-home delivery and bottom dollar prices."
  • GolfWRX Forum Member– “First 18 with the blue today. I liked the ball quite a bit. It felt good off the driver and was as long as other tour level balls. Iron distances were on point. I found them to be very predictable with spin/run out which is all I really want as I am not a high spin player. I also enjoyed chipping with them. The blues felt perfect to me and distance control was spot on. I also used the printed putting line instead of sharpy-ing my own on. For my skill level, at $25 shipped, these make sense.”
  • GolfStarz – “First impressions are everything. I was out playing nine with a buddy and happened to lose a ball on 8 and when reaching into my bag I decided to give Cut Golf a try.  I teed up the Cut Blue on 9 and let it rip.  I got so much pop on my drive.  It felt so good that I literally let out an audible “WOW.”  Striped it about 270 and straight as an arrow.  After that hit a pretty decent chip shot to the green and three putted my way to a bogey.  Nothing against this ball on the green, I am just not a great putter.”
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