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Costa Mesa, CA (March 20, 2017) – Cut Golf Co is bringing golf back to the masses. Head quartered in Costa Mesa, California, this innovative startup provides golfers easy access to exceptional quality golf balls at a fraction of the price.

Cut’s direct-to-consumer business model aims to help golfers save money and by doing so, encourage more play and enjoyment of the game without the worry of losing expensive balls. Its e-commerce based subscription model keeps operating costs low and cuts out unnecessary cost and markups that make other brands so expensive. Shipping is free for subscribers who enjoy the convenience of balls delivered right to their doors.

“As a golfer, I never understood why golf balls were so expensive. We dug in and found a way to offer high quality product at a low price," said Sam Uisprapassorn, co-founder of Cut Golf. "Cut Golf as a brand is all about having fun on the course and saving money is one very direct way of accomplishing that. A more affordable ball allows us to share our passion and grow the game."

The concept couldn’t be simpler. Customers select the ball they want, how many they want and how often they want them. Subscription plans are tailored to customers playing frequency and can be adjusted at any time. With a few clicks, Cut Golf balls are shipped monthly to a member’s doorstep, saving time and money. Cut Golf offers a complimentary trial sleeve for players looking to try the ball. Feedback on all three models of Cut premium balls has been overwhelmingly positive.

Cut Golf currently offers three types of balls:

Cut Red, Cut White and Cut Blue.

Cut Red ($14.95/dozen)

2-piece ball construction
312 dimple count Surlyn cover

Cut White ($19.95/dozen) 

3-piece ball construction
312 dimple count Surlyn cover

Cut Blue ($24.95/dozen)

4-piece ball construction
338 dimple count Urethane cover USGA Conforming List Pending

“We are making high quality golf balls available at a fraction of the cost, all while marketing a fun and laid back golf lifestyle, ” said Matt Johnson, co-founder of Cut Golf. “From the scratch player to the weekend hacker, members can pick the ball that best suits their game and budget. We have a unique marketing approach and look to build strong relationships with out members. We want to cut through the crap of the over-priced golf ball market. No more ”lake balls” and hopefully we can get rid of those lame ball retrievers.”

Cut Golf launches March 21st and will begin fulfilling orders the same week. Media samples are available upon request.

Ready to cut the crap? Visit for more information. 

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